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Thursday, July 12, 2012


You want to be a writer, eh? Okay, then; what will you need to do? Here are 12 ways in which you can begin:

  • 1st and foremost, a writer must understand his/her own language. (We’ll go into greater depth on this subject and those that follow in subsequent blog posts.)
  • A writer must understand that writing is more than simply putting two or more words together to create a sentence.
  • A writer must understand that writing is more than simply telling a story.
  • A writer must understand that all words have meaning, and this meaning will reflect differently to different people.
  • A writer must be fascinated with words, and have a passion about length of sentences, metaphor, simile, rhythm and flow, and the aesthetic appearance of how words appear on a page.
  • A writer must understand originality.
  • A writer must be inventive.
  • A writer must be succinct.
  • A writer may not always hit the center of the bullseye, but he must, at the very least, have the ability to hit the target.
  • A writer must carefully choose words that will make his characters come alive—they should be living, breathing human beings and not representations of.
  • A writer must select words that will create a three-dimensional setting for his characters—a place where his characters can move in and out of easily, and not some place where they can only move up, down and sideways.
  • A writer must use words that will position his reader in the center of the action, making the reader feel as if he/she is a willing participant in all that is happening within the story.

There’s more, too. Still want to be a writer?