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Sunday, February 23, 2014


At the beginning of February, I decided to make it a practice to celebrate the birthday and/or birthdate of an author and post it on my Facebook Fan page every day. ( In addition, I decided to post a quote along with the celebrant's birthdate and bio info from either their website or Wikipedia. In the few short weeks that I've been at it, I've learned so much about a number of interesting people, who they were, what they wrote, what they said. My library has also grown from books they've written that I had to have. As an author, I feel a kinship to these people. I thought I'd share my practice with my blog friends. I hope you enjoy learning about these authors as much as I do.

Feb. 23rd. Celebrating the birthdate of author Margaret Deland (1857-1945) an American novelist, short story writer and poet.

"A pint can't hold a quart - if it holds a pint it is doing all that can be expected of it." Margaret Deland from

Photo and info from Wikipedia: