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Announcing the official release of my new book, A SHARP BEND IN THE ROAD: 17 INTRIGUING STORIES.

Over two years in the making. On the shelves at last.

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"A Sharp Bend in the Road showcases a carnival of amazing and totally different types of stories. From a story about a young man's encounter in an elevator, to a gay couple in a jewelry store, to a woman entering a retirement home. Bianco's characters are real, yet colorful and unique. he has a gift in creating genuine dialogue making each story come alive. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories. 5 stars for sure! A fine collection written by one author who clearly knows his craft." --Susan Violante for Reader Views.

It was my privilege to be interviewed by Jane Isaac, England's hottest new rising star of the
mystery/thriller genre. In the interview you'll learn:
What makes this story collection different from those of other writers?Elements I've added to give…


I read an interesting story yesterday on the BBC News site about how thousands of ancient coins were discovered, buried beneath the earth. (

The coins, dating back to the 11th century, had been buried in a lead bucket, just two feet below the surface of the earth.

As a writer, I thought about this story and what the unearthing of these coins meant to me metaphorically.

I compared the coins to the vast treasures buried deep within all us, hiding below the surface of the hard exterior shell we’ve built around ourselves - the shell we believe protects us from the outside world - the shell that shields us from insult, embarrassment, and injury to our pride. The "insecurity shell,"  I call it.

Do you know the shell I'm talking about? I'm certain some of you do. Perhaps you began building yours the first time someone told you that you couldn’t do something because you lacked the talent, or the money, or weren&…