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You want to be a writer, eh? Okay, then; what will you need to do? Here are 12 ways in which you can begin:
1stand foremost, a writer must understand his/her own language.(We’ll go into greater depth on this subject and those that follow in subsequent blog posts.)A writer must understand that writing is more than simply putting two or more words together to create a sentence.A writer must understand that writing is more than simply telling a story.A writer must understand that all words have meaning, and this meaning will reflect differently to different people.A writer must be fascinated with words, and have a passion about length of sentences, metaphor, simile, rhythm and flow, and the aesthetic appearance of how words appear on a page.A writer must understand originality.A writer must be inventive.A writer must be succinct.A writer may not always hit the center of the bullseye, but he must, at the very least, have the ability to hit the target.A writer must carefully choose words th…