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The Writer's Journey

The writer’s journey begins within. A seed, nurtured by a dream, blossoms, gaining strength in its maturity. Small achievements promote discipline and persistence, while inoculating against the fear and self doubt that can often plague a writer in the most desperate hours. Abstraction leads to concretization, which leads to specificity and direction, which in the end, we hope will lead to success.             My writer’s journey began as a young boy, writing every evening in bed, before my eyes were too tired to remain open. Sometimes, my thoughts revolved around the day’s events—friends, relatives and school. But my most precious writings, and I still possess them, were of imaginative stories of things that were, coupled with visions of things that could be. This, you might say, was the beginning of my journey as a storyteller, and it is only because I retained a child-like sense of curiosity and adventure that I am able to continue to amuse myself with my writing, and hope…

Setting Goals for the New Year

When setting goals, it's important that you do not set your goals too high. Setting goals (New Year's Resolutions) on January 1 that you hope to maintain for a whole year is setting yourself up for failure. It's difficult to maintain a goal for a week - 7 days in a row. How are you supposed to do it for 365 days?

Better, is taking smaller steps in smaller increments. Want to eat healthier in 2012? Don't try to drastically change your entire diet. Begin by making a small substitution to your morning diet. Instead of drinking 2 cups of coffee in the a.m. have 1. Use sugar on your grapefruit? Use a low calorie sweetener instead. Taking baby steps allows the body and mind to cope with the drastic step of making a change. After you've accomplished the first small step, then take another. Set yourself up to be a winner. You'll see, it works. Go for it!