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Saturday, March 31, 2012


In 1988, The StoryTeller, created and produced by Jim Henson, first aired. It is a series that retold European folk tales, using live action and a dog puppet. An old storyteller (John Hurt) sits by the fire and recounts these tales to both the viewer and to his talking dog. I watched these wonderful stories back then, with my children, and I watch them still on Netflix. I never tire of them.

As a storyteller, I am intrigued by the tales of old and read them often. I search for clues that answer the questions: What is it that makes a good story a great story? Why do some stories last for generations, while others die after only a short time, never to be heard again?

Now, there is a comic book anthology, released by Archaia Entertainment that mirrors the TV show, using luxuriant illustrations and an Old-World atmosphere to tell the tales. Between the pages of this book are reprised stories that are sure to tickle the fancy of the most demanding story listener. They are also a welcomed relief to a parent, looking to add traditional culture to their children’s daily diet of high-tech. Inside this comic are mythologically rich and opulent stories, beautifully illustrated, that are sure to please both young and old.

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